Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sydney Addison Williams

John and I are happy to announce the arrival of Sydney Addison Williams who was born on November 28, 2009 at 5:22pm. She was 9lbs and 2oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Much to our surprise Sydney was born with Down Syndrome as well as a congenital heart defect. However, she is doing really well and is just a blessing to us. We are sending out monthly updates via email and Facebook now, so if you would be interested in being on the list, send us an email on our personal accounts.
John, Kristi, and Sydney Williams

Saturday, November 14, 2009


November 14th - I am a little over 38 weeks along. I went to my doctor on Thursday and she said that she can feel that the baby has dropped, but that I am not dilated at all. That is perfectly fine with me because I'm enjoying the extra time to get things done before she gets here. I am due on Thanksgiving but if she is not here by November 30th then I will be admitted and induced. Thus for those of you taking bets, the likelyhood is that if she doesn't come on her own, she will be here by December 1st. I start maternity leave on Monday November 23rd and plan to take 12 weeks off , returning to work on Monday, February 15th. I think it will be one of the best times of my life. Both mom's will be down to help and we will have many visitors during that time. I can't wait to meet her!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Many Blessings

October 25, 2009 - This weekend my friends in Houston threw me a baby shower. We have been so blessed with all of the gifts that we have gotten from people. In fact, if you check out the picture on the right you will see all of the loot. It looks like chaos but believe it or not, i have it organized in some manner. Thankfully I have a friend who is coming over next weekend to help me get everything from the downstairs to the upstairs nursery. I've realized that in talking to other moms that even with all this stuff, we are still missing alot of things (thermometer, clothes hamper, etc). The nursery is coming together and by the time she gets here , all of the future grandparents will have contributed to the decorating and functionality of the room. Many blessings indeed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gettin closer

October 11, 2009 - Well good news, this Wednesday i will be 34 weeks officially. Now instead of wishing the time away I am wishing that time moves slower. I am trying to relish the time that me and the little one have left together. You start to get that feeling that this might be the only time, especially when you are this late in the fertility game, and so I feel like I should be remembering every moment.
On a less somber note, this kid has so much stuff waiting for her when she gets here. Everyone around me has been so generous! Our dining room is piled high with things thanks to friends and family. This week, my coworkers had a luncheon for me and gave use two cute outfits and a gift certificate to Target. Then this weekend, John's family in San Antonio threw a "sprinkle" which was a ladies lunch. We had a great meal at a cute restaurant in San Antonio and then they blessed us with really nice baby monitors and a swing. One of the best gifts has been the book "Baby 411' which John's cousin's wife gave me. It has alot of good information that will be a good reference. I read it on the drive home but had to admit , it was a little overwhelming so I put it away for now. I'm starting to get nervous about all of the information that comes with taking care of a child. I hope I can remember it all!

Monday, September 21, 2009

How to Give Birth 101

Saturday John and I "couple bonded" over a 6 hour class on childbirth. There were a total of about 10 couples, all getting ready to have their first child. The woman who taught it was this large loud nurse who definetely kept it interesting. She had over 20 years of experience delivering babies so nothing was really off limits. The first hour was a repeat of sex ed from the fifth grade. Her exact quote "before i tell you how to get this baby out, I'm going to tell you how it got there in the first place". It was a good review but John said he would of been fine with about 5 minutes worth of info vs. 60. Then onto all the joyous components of labor, breathing, and exercises to do to help get ready for the big day. She had all of the ladies sit around in a circle and put their legs together butterfly. Most of the perky 20 something's were able to pull them in tight. Lets just say this 36 year old mother to be wasn't near as limber. I guess i have 9 weeks to practice. There was woman in our class who is probably going to give her OB a run for the money. She didn't seem to be satisfied with the status quo asking about if they had to do this, could they refuse that, could they bring in their own diapers if they wanted a certain kind. Lady, what my kid has on her butt after I get done squeezing a watermelon out is the least of my worries.
The highlight of the day was the birth video. Notice the word "video". That tells you how old it was. And the only couple they could get to be part of the video was this woman with salt and pepper hair (yes salt and pepper hair) and her husband who looked like Captain from Captain and Tenille. And let me tell ya, this woman held nothing back. In fact at one point she got so hot that she had no clothes on. Yep...giving birth naked.

The rest of the day got a little better and we concluded by going on a nice tour of the hospital. It is just what you would expect for being in a nice, above average income, suburb of Houston with mostly people who have insurance. Private rooms, room service, very cozy, comfortable. Not like giving birth at county I'm sure. I shouldn't be so sarcastic though. We are lucky to have good insurance and convenient access to our physicians and good medical care. All and all it was a good experience and I feel like we truly are better prepared for the birth. I just plan on doing it with clothes on...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Musings

September 13th - Happy Birthday to me. This is a particularly special birthday knowing that I will be a mom sometime during my 36th year. I have to admit, this wasn't my plan when I set out on my adult life, but this is the way God planned it so you can't argue.
I've been quiet on the blog due to "swine flu". Not because I have it, but because it has been keeping me super busy at work. Almost too busy at times. Some days have been a little stressful and I certainly don't have the reserve I used to . I will be 30 weeks this Wednesday. Some days i feel like "i still have 10 weeks left" and other days it is "omg , i only have 10 weeks left". The belly is pretty big and it makes it more difficult to get out of bed, pick things up, or do anything but walk or lie flat. My back is feeling alot of the effects so I am hoping to get into a massage soon. The little munchkin is moving every day know and getting some good kicks in. In fact, John was laying next to me the other night and thought I jerked , but in fact it was the baby kicking. He thought that was pretty funny. She seems like she is most active in the afternoon and early evenings , especially if I have had a long day at work or just eaten dinner. I thought i had her pegged in terms of position, but now I'm starting to wonder as it seems that I can feel her kick or punch in just about any location....almost like she has four arms or something. Regardless, i'm happy for whatever I feel because it reminds me that she is doing okay.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"She's going to be a turkey"

That's what the ultrasound tech said on Thursday when we went in. Evidently, baby girl Williams was not cooperating very well and it took the US tech about 20 minutes to get a good view of her heart, because she kept moving around and covering her heart with her hands. When the tech asked us when she was due and we told her it was Thanksgiving, she said that this made sense because she was being a little turkey! She has moved from being breach to head down and all the while when i thought i was feeling kicks , it was actually her punching me.

As of Wednesday, i am starting my third trimester. They are still putting my due date at November 26th. The doctor has me coming in every 2 weeks but mostly the check ups are benign. I did find out my iron was a little low so she started me on iron pills. i don't know how well i am going to tolerate them. I took one today and it did not go well (lots of stomach pain) so I am going to wait until tomorrow night and try to take them in the evening.

I went home to Council Bluffs last weekend for a shower. It was so much fun. All of my closest friends from pharmacy school came so it was like a mini reunion. I also had several other family and friends there. I got a lot of really cute clothes and we made customized onesies. I got so much stuff that my mom and her husband are having to bring it down to Dallas next weekend via car. She and John's mom are planning a shower for us in Dallas which should be alot of fun.

I don't have any really great US pictures this go around , except of her face because of her positioning. She is moving alot now. In fact i laid on the couch tonight and watched my belly move up and down. i'm sure over the next few weeks it will get even more pronounced. What a miracle!